Northern China- $1300

Our Northern Chinese workshop is the most technologically advanced in the world for making made to measure garments. Tools such as computer pattern programs, laser cutting, & machines that run without the aid of hands help oversee most of the construction; it is the most precise product on the market. Whilst still being made with care, it's precision leads to a clean and no-nonsense fit and finish.

Italy - $2000

Made in the Lazio region north of Rome, Italy. Our Italian ‘Su misura’ is made in the same vein as the suiting from northern china with just a little bit more beauty and shape.

From a bespoke tailor opening its doors in 1954 to a small family owned workshop in 2020, garments here are made ‘Su misura’ in the traditional Italian way. Suits are cut on the same block that we use in our Northern Chinese workshop and finished by hand.

Southern China - $2800

This workshop south of Shanghai in the historical tailoring capital of China has been cutting & sewing garments by hand since the cultural revolution. Making Chinese tunics for dictators to business suits for the Chinese elite.

The result is a garment that is completely made by hand inside and out - offering basted fittings and truly boundless options. Most any tailored garment can be made, with the highest level of finishing.

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